Leaders are readers

I have always loved reading. Since I was a little girl I used books to take me to different places and to teach me. Books open your mind and expose you to different opinions and ideas. Books challenge you to grow. All of the successful people that I admire are all big readers. So I have decided every Friday that I will share my library with you. I will share one book a week that has influenced me.

Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst

This book was literally life changing for me. When I relapsed into my eating disorder two years ago this book was instrumental in helping see food and my relationship with food in a different way.

What I love most about the book is Lysa’s honesty. She writes like your girlfriend would speak to you over coffee. She acknowledges that as humans we were made by God to crave. But crave Him and not food. She provides practical insights and some real truths to help you shift your focus. To realize that food will not comfort you. She also gives lots of actionable steps you can take to give you peace.

It is a quick easy read but you will find yourself highlighting the entire book by the time you are done.

If you are struggling with your relationship with food and feel like you have tried everything I encourage you to pick up or download this book. Let me know what you think of it I would love to hear!!!