Leaders are Readers: Practical Paleo

This week for my Leaders are Readers post I am highlighting one of my favorite cookbook/nutrition books ever:

Practical Paleo by Diane SanFilippo

What make this book such a great resource is exactly what Diane has included in the title: practical

All of the information is easy to understand clearly laid out and even if you are a cooking and nutrition newbie you will take away a ton of knowledge.  She even gives you some tips on basic kitchen skill like chopping and all of her recipes are super easy and absolutely delicious.

Don’t get scared off by the word paleo in the title.  The book advocates a whole food approach.  If you are suffering from digestive problems there are also specific eating plans for all sorts of different conditions. There are also tear out shopping lists and menus that can be posted on the fridge for easy reference.

This book has helped me think differently about food and how it can heal the body.  Well worth the investment getting the hard copy of the book for your library.

Stay tuned so exciting things coming up on the blog:

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