The Open

For those of you that don’t know I love Crossfit. I came to Crossfit almost three years ago, right after my last physique competition. From my first workout I was in love. First off the gym had no mirrors. For the previous 5+ years I had been obsessed with my appearance. I had won professional status because of it. But at my crossfit gym how I looked DID NOT MATTER.   I felt like I was let out of jail. What mattered was if I showed up every day and worked hard that’s it.

This will be my third Crossfit Open. The Open is an annual competition where you get to compete against everyone in the world who does crossfit. Everyone does the same workouts, equal playing field. Being a competitive person this is right in my wheelhouse. I get the opportunity to see where I stand. I am also a perfectionist and extremely hard on myself so the Open is a great opportunity for me to stress, beat myself up and put a load of pressure on myself.

My first Open was my favorite Open so far. Ignorance was bliss. I had been doing Crossfit for 4 month had no idea what the Open was and could not do at least half of the movements. I looked at the experience as a chance to see what I needed to work on, a learning experience. It was fun and relatively stress free.

Last year was a totally different story. I want to start by saying that I know I will never get to the Games (maybe if I work hard as a 50+ Master) so this stress does not come from me actually thinking I have a chance at making it. The stress that I felt was self-created. I thought I knew exactly what my strengths and weaknesses where. I knew how much I could lift and how strong my engine was. Every Thursday night when the workouts were released on line I would watch with my husband. From the moment of the announcement the stress would begin. Could I do that movement? How many? How long would it take? To top it off Crossfit has the best in the world do the workout live before anyone else so it was great, no pressure, out of the gate I knew I would do half the reps or double their time.

By the time the workout was done my stomach was in knots and my husband had to talk me down and convince me to show up at the gym the next day. This went on for all 5 weeks of the Open. I did ok, but was miserable and promised myself that I would NEVER participate in the Open again. It was too much pressure it was not fun and my nerves could not take it.

Tonight the first workout of the 2016 Open is released. I signed up the first day you could. Why? Well I learned a lot since the last Open. I have learned how amazing it is that I am able to do Crossfit. I am blessed to be part of a community of amazing, supportive and loving people who are just as passionate about Crossfit as I am. I have learned that there is no need for me to be perfect, that I am already pretty awesome even if I never do Crossfit again. I have learned that I can do ANYTHING. I have learned that I am participating for FUN. Whatever the outcome I will do my best. That is all I am capable of. I have learned all of this because of God. My perception has changed, I do well and excel so if someone asks how do I do it I can say it is because of Him. I am awesome because he made me that way. I am free.

So this year is going to FUN. First place, last place or anything in between I am blessed to be able to participate, share the experience with my Crossfit family and learn more about myself. That is worth so much more that the $20 entry fee.