Spring Break Strategies to stay on Track with your Goals

Spring break is right around the corner and for many of us that means travel and vacations. I get asked all the time by my clients for tips on how to stay on track with their goals while still enjoying themselves on vacation. What I want to stress is that maintaining a healthy lifestyle while you are on vacation is about not thinking in terms of extremes. It is about living in the in between. On vacation it should not be about bringing your food scale and packing cold chicken. I view vacation, a wedding, a date night or a random Tuesday with my girlfriends as a way to practice what I preach. It is an opportunity to make good choices based on what I have learned works for me. It is impossible to “diet” 365 days a year, you will go insane. Instead I like to teach my clients how to LIVE regardless of the situation.

That being said here are some of my tips for enjoying your vacation and not sabotaging your goals:

  • Most importantly unless you are going to Paris to eating at the best restaurants in the world don’t make your vacation about the food. Focus on the beautiful location, the people you will be spending time with and the rest you will be getting. Try not to make what you eat the focus but be present with those you love and enjoy experiences.
  • Make it a point to move every day. But avoid the hotel gym. Scout out great trails to hike with your husband or a beach to walk on in the morning or a park to do some yoga one morning. I look for opportunities to USE your hard earned fitness. That’s why you workout so hard so you can run around and keep up with life.
  • Drink in moderation. Honestly I don’t drink lol but I am realistic and I know most people like to relax with a glass of wine. I stress the word glass or two but not the entire bottle. Drinking effects our decision making, dehydrates and gives you a headache upon waking. I don’t know about you but spending my vacation hung over is not my idea of fun
  • Make good choices. Eat tons of fruit, drink lots of water and refrain from eating the portions of two grown men
  • Indulge guilt free. Have desert enjoy it and move on. Do not beat yourself up or make deals with yourself so you can have it. The more we make something “bad” the more we will overindulge. You don’t have to eat all the desert there will be others. Be present enjoy every spoonful and then have fun with your family. It took a long time for me to realize that I can have desert whenever I want so I do not have to eat like I was just released from prison on a 24 hour pass and have to every desert on the face of the earth.


Most important HAVE FUN! Create memories for your kids. They will never say they remember a meal but will cherish time spent with you. Spend real quality time with your husband. Read that book you have been meaning to or just spend the entire day doing absolutely nothing. All of those things will be what you want to remember when you look back on your trip not the regret of a large meal the massive hangover you had or a missed workout.

Happy Easter!