Supplementation 101

There are a ton of supplements out there, so many products and brands to choose from. It can be very overwhelming. For a long time I just opted out of supplementation. It was too confusing; I didn’t feel like I needed it since I ate well. I didn’t want to take anything unless I knew it would have added benefit.

Then I turned 40. Things started to change in my body. It took me longer to recover from a hard workout. Building muscle became very important. I started to do crossfit and it demanded a lot from my body. I wanted to perform well. I did a lot of research. After trying so many different supplements and brands I settled on Advocare.

Advocare has been around for over 20 years, has one of the best science and medical boards in the industry and honestly their products just work.

So with so many different products out their how do you know what to use?

I like to keep it basic and simple. So I have 5 supplements that I use everyday and a couple of add ons. Here is what I take and recommend to my clients (I have included the Advocare product name)



I use two different types. A high and low carb option. I prefer Whey protein, it digest faster and that works for me as I mostly drink shakes post workout. Casein protein is a great option for before bed as it is slower digesting.

The high carb option I use post workouts as my recovery shake. Your body needs carbs post workout to replenish what it has lost during exercise. The low carb version I use all other times. I also enjoy the low carb powder for baking.

Advocare Products:

High carb: Meal Replacement Shake/Post Workout Recovery

Low carb: Muscle Gain

Fish Oil:

This helps with inflammation and recovery and healthy hair and nails. I take 2 in the am and 2 with lunch. The standard American diet does not provide the amount of Omega 3’s that your body needs unless you eat food sources that provide it.

Advocare Product: Omega Plex


I enjoy creatine pre and post lifting workouts. Helps to promote muscle mass. Yes women can take creatine. Some people feel it causes water retention. My advice: try it and see how YOUR body reacts.

Advocare Product: Mass Impact


This stands for Branch Chain Amino Acids. These are the building blocks of protein and muscle. BCAA’s are great post or intra workout to maintain muscle mass if you are doing a lot of cardio or have a long extended workout.

Advocare Product:


Magnesium and Zinc:

Both aid in recovery and help with sleep. I take each every night. At my age I am always recovering!

Advocare Product:

Nighttime Recovery

Sleep Works


Pre workouts

This is totally up to you. Preworkouts help with energy and mental focus during workouts. The problem I find with most preworkouts is that they have a ton of caffeine and other crazy ingredients. So they give you a pump and a racing heart but not much else.

My preworkout of choice:

Black coffee or Spark. Spark contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee but it also contains B vitamins and minerals all that combine to give mental clarity and focus. There is also not a crash at the end of a crazy high. I call it my “happy mommy juice” and enjoy it first thing in the am.


So there you have it the 5 basic supplements that I recommend to my clients and what I use myself. Is this an end all be all list? No. Everyone’s goals and needs are different and it is important to know your goals and to try to get educated advice. Of course if you are under a doctors care or on any medication please run all supplementation by your doctor.


If you have any additional questions about supplementation or recommendations please reach out to me at:


I would be happy to help!