Why Food Matters

As a Crossfit coach I am inspired everyday watching the members do things that they have never done before. They lift heavier weight, run farther and faster and get stronger everyday!!!

Exercise and moving your body is wonderful. It changes lives and for many it leads to improvements in all parts of their lives. Their relationships their energy levels and the way they eat.

But for some getting on the right track with food and improving their eating habits is a struggle. That’s where I come in, lol. Here are my 5 reasons why food matters:

  • The saying “food is fuel” is true. Many people have lost the connecting between what they eat and how they feel. The body is an amazing thing. Its goal is to continue to function. This means that it gets used to anything and will continue to function … until it doesn’t. If you are eating fast food, drinking too much or just not eating enough you may feel “fine” but that does not mean that your body is at its best. Fine is not great. Why be mediocre when you could be great. I hear it all the time from clients, “I didn’t realize how tired, sick I was until I started eating right”. What you put in you get out
  • You can’t out exercise poor nutrition. Many times people will exercise for hours to “earn” a cheat meal or to “work off” some choices. Neither will work in the long run. This sets you up to view food as something you need to earn or work for, neither of which is healthy. Food is wonderful and has no moral value; it should not have guilt attached to it. You feel guilty when you lie or steal not when you eat.
  • Real food is cheaper. I challenge you to calculate the amount of money that you spend on eating out for a week. This includes coffee, drinks and lunch and dinners out. I can pretty much guarantee that it will be more than buying fruits and veggies at the supermarket for a week. Eating out is not bad in moderation but eating out more than you eat at home starts to add up.
  • Food services are an incredible option: Many of my clients want to eat real food and stop eating out so much but they just don’t have times to cook. Food prepping at home will always be cheaper but if your lifestyle just does not allow the time there are a ton of really good food prep services out there. They can accommodate any diet restrictions and most of the good ones use organic sources.
  • You will teach your family good habits that last a lifetime: So many moms underestimate the influence that they have on the habits of their families. We are the gatekeepers of what our family eats. If we present them with different choices and show them by example how exciting and delicious home cooked meals can be it can change their health and how they view food for the rest of their lives.

So make a commitment to change the way you eat even if it is for one week. Maybe eat out twice instead of 5 times. Maybe cook dinner for your family over the weekend if you always order take out. Maybe do some research on food delivery services. Try to make one small change. When you do I want o hear about it.

It will be different and different is hard but it’s the hard that makes us better.

I would rather have a better life than an easy one.