Take Back Your Time Week 3: Take Action

I love to listen to podcasts.  I especially like to listen to podcast where I learn something.  Learn anything is more accurate.  Business, nutrition, strength training the more info the better.  I like nothing more than to find out a fun fact.  

When I was in college I briefly considered being an art history major.  I loved the story behind a piece of art.  To this day the any museum brings me a lot of joy. 

I realized really quickly that if I didn't USE what I learned on those podcast it really just became another piece of information that I could accumulate.  The famous saying  should be changed to "knowledge is power only when used".  The older I get the more I realize that the best way to be happy and successful is to just do it.  Take action.  Even if it's wrong trying and failing is so much more benefitical than not trying at all.

How does this translate into taking back your time?  Well if all you do is read about it you can't be about it. And all that learning takes time.   If all you do is read about the latest nutrition theory, buy all the cookbook but never actually start cooking you may be spending too much time (and money) learning and not enough time learning. 

so how do you start? How do you take the first step? We have already laid the ground work over the last two weeks.  We have figured out what matters most and we have started to surround ourselves with a tribe of like minded supportive people.  Now we act. Here is how: 

1- Hire a coach:  this is worth its weight in gold.  One of the jobs of a coach is to hold us accountable, that keeps us showing up at the gym with our nutrition, they help us make good decisions.  Hiring someone also puts some skin in the game.  Meaning it's a lot easier to quit on a free online program than one that you have invested your hard earned cash into.  I have a nutrition coach to keep me on track, even coaches need coaches.

2- Join a Crossfit gym:  why a crossfit gym and not a mainstream gym?  Well at a crossfit gym if you don't come to class someone will notice, and call you and ask you to come back.  That's something you don't get at Golds 

3-Do it scared:  It's scary to walk into a Crossfit gym and try something new surrounded by new people.  It's scary to invest money into a coach especially if it might not work but you never know this time it may.  There will never be a time when starting a healthy life style is easy and NOT scary.  Do it anyway I promise that it will be worth it. 

you can take action right now!  Sign up for my FREE 5 day jumpstart and get my mini course to help you get started.  Everyday for 5 days you will get an email from me with another step to jumpstarting your way to a fit Inside Out lifestyle.  I even give you homework to get you to start TAKING ACTION!  

Me at my first Spartan.  It was a super, it was freezing and raining and it took almost 6 hours.  I was terrified almost the entire time.  I did it scared