Take Back Your Time Week Four: Staying on Track

You have made it!!! 

Just like that 4 weeks gone!!! We have discussed the importance of knowing your why, taking action and building your tribe.  This week we wrap it up with my favorite part: staying on track

Everytime I ask my clients or community what the hardest part about living a Fit Inside Out lifestyle is the number one thing they say is "staying on track". 

So many people start on their journey and are so excited!!! They see results, they feel incredible and then at about week 6-8 they just stop.  Why this happens is different for everyone but for most their will power has just run out.  Being 100% on all the time is hard and it wears out your will power muscle.  

So what do you do? How do you stay in the game for the long haul? What prevents the burnout that leads so many to going back to the easy way? 

1- Moderation: this is huge!!! No one can be 100% perfect (except God) forever.  To prevent the burn out I like to keep my life 90/10 or sometimes 80/20.  This allows me to stay on track with my goals but also enjoy life.  I can have a donut and not 12  because I know it is not forbidden.  It is not bad it's just a donut. I think that is why macro counting works so well for so many people.  They can enjoy the foods they love they just need to fit.

2- If moderation is challenging try having one thing that makes you happy.  For me it's a square of dark chocolate every night.  I look forward to it.  It makes me happy. 

3- Keep reminding yourself about your why and continue to challenge yourself: Many times people stop because they get bored.  The same thing everyday becomes a grind.  I love Crossfit because it is different everyday.  If Crossfit is not your thing that is ok.  I encourage you to try a new class, yoga or just take your workout outside for a run.  buying a new recipe book and trying new things helps in the food department as well.

Full Disclosure:  I have weeks where I don't worry about what I eat and weeks when I don't do a crossfit workout.  The most important thing is not that you fail but that you get right back up and start over.  That and not perfection is success.



My donut from today! So good and so worth it!!!