Take Back Your Time Week One: What Matters Most

I cannot believe that it is APRIL!!!

Spring is going to be fast upon us and I personally cannot wait!!!

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth.  Things begin to come back to life after a long winter.  For me it is a great opportunity to reaccess and regroup.  To look at where I am and where I want to be and evaluate.  I do this every spring (and again in the fall) but I wanted to share my process with you.  My reasoning is this:

1- sharing is caring

2- it may help you get closer to your goals

3- I have someone to hold me accountable

Over the next 4 weeks I will be outlining the proces that I follow to hit reset for spring.  I encourage you to share what you learn and let me know if you have tried anything and how it works for you.  This week I am going to start with my "why" figuring out what matter most to me.  I believe that your why should be strong, it should be what gets you up in the morning and what keeps you passionate every day.  Having a strong why will stop you from being "busy" and make you productive.  So grab pen and a piece of paper or a journal and lets get started!

but first:

This is not a test, No one is grading it and you dont have to share it with anyone. So just write the first thing that comes to your head no matter how crazy it may be.  No filters.

1- What part of your life are you most excited about?  Why?

2- What part of your life are you least excited about? Why?

3- If you close your eyes and think about your "dream life" what would it look like?  Be a specific as you can be, the more details the better!

4- what is stopping you from achieving that life? Lack of time? Lack of money? lack of motivation? Fear?

This should give you a lot to think about! When I did this exercise I realized that the biggest thing that stopped me from achieving my goals was fear.  And because I was afraid I distracted myself with busy.  My focus this spring is to stop the busy do it scared  and focus on building a community and a business that serves others. My why is that I want to make a difference.  To be part of the change I want to see in the world.  To be God's light.  To love others and help them to love themselves.  

That is a pretty big goal and to achieve it I have to say no to things that do not serve my goal.  This is huge!! So many times I just say YES then 5 minutes later I regret it and then feel stuck and resentful.  So now I try to to repond with "I will thinnk about it" or"I will pray about it "just to give me some time and space to filter the request through my why.  Its like pausing to think before that second slice of pizza to ask yourself if you are really hungry, it slows everything down and stops my pride and perfectionist from answering for me.

So I encourage you to take some time.  You need it.  even if it is just 10 minutes in your car.  What do you REALLY want?  What are your dreams.  Let them excited you, drive you and cause you to take step in the direction of change.  Make it about more than a number on the scale or what size you are in jeans, that is all fleeting.  It will not make you happy.  

share your why in the comments below and I would love for you to join my private facebook community!!