5 Ways to Love Who you are Right Now


"I just hate how I look”

“I need to lose 5 pounds”

“I want to tone and get rid of flab”

“I just don’t like myself right now”


I hear the above statements all the time. I speak to so many women at the start of their wellness journey and it is almost always from a place of not enough or of needing to fix themselves.

So today I want to present an alternative. A radical one. What if instead of starting this journey from a place of not enough we decided to see ourselves as awesome just the way we are???

I know that this is really hard, but you can do hard things and I am going to help. I have 5 ways that you can love yourself right now and start this journey from a place of abundance.

1- Stop comparing yourself: this one is first because it is HUGE. Comparison is not only the thief of joy but it steals your self esteem. Social media is a comparison party!!! Good rule of thumb: if a persons feed makes you feel anything but joy click UNFOLLOW. 

2- make a list of all the things that are amazing about you: do it right now grab a piece of paper and write down 10 things that you love about yourself. Then share it with your husband, child or if you are really feeling yourself post it!

3- Tell someone else how awesome they are: this is a fun one. I challenge you to find something about 3 people you come in contact with today that is awesome and tell them so. Making someone feel good feels good.

4- gratitude: this is a lot like #2. Challenge yourself for 30 days every morning to think of 2 things you are grateful for. Why 30 days? It forces you to really get creative about your gratitude. It also takes that long to develop a habit.

5- No negativity challenge: I tried this one and it is shocking. Put a rubber band on your wrist, every time you say something negative about yourself snap the band. You will be surprised by how you speak to yourself. 

Bonus: every time you speak something negative about yourself imagine saying that to your child. Really makes you realize how much the words we speak to ourselves make an impact.

Try one of these strategies or all 5 and let me know what you think. Was it hard? Easy? Change the way you feel about yourself?

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