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My mission has always been to reach as many people as possible with the Brick House Bodies  Fit Inside Out lifestye.  So it was only natural that I create programs that serve both women and men.  I am so proud to have brought on an amazing men's coach and working together we have created a 12 week Fit Inside Out program just for men!! It includes everything that you will find in the women's program but it will be tailored for the unique needs of male athetes. 

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Learn more about the program

The Brick House Bodies Fit Inside Program for Men is an opportunity for you to start your journey toward a healthier lifestyle.  We have created a program that will give you everything that you need to achieve your goals.  The 12 week program includes:

* A comprensive nutrition plan that includes a grocery shopping list, tips for eating out, portion guide and 2 sample menus.  

* 12 weeks of workouts that will help you build strength, increase your fitness and get you moving

* 4 HIIT cardio programs to compliment your workouts

* member only access to the Brick House Bodies You Tube channel where you will find movement videos and videos from your coaches through every stage of the program

* you will be part of our private Brick House Bodies facebook community wheere you will find tips, support and motivation throughout your 12 weeks

Want to lose body fat? Learn what works for your body?  Finally stop "dieting"? Then this program is for you!! 

The next round starts in January! Join now to kick off 2018 with our 12 week program. 


Meet Ruben Mazza

Ruben is an athlete and coach at crossfit New Windsor. He is extremely motivated, always seeking improvement and never settling. Ruben started crossfit in 2013 after realizing he needed something more than going to typical globo gyms. He became a Crossfit Lv-1 certified coach in 2016 not only to train others but also to fully grasp what it means to be fit. After the realization of wanting to become an elite level athlete within the crossfit community, he believes that nutrition is the biggest part of training. That's when he discovered macro counting. Ruben is very specific with what he puts into his body. Just like a car, he fuels himself with foods that can maximize his potential. Ruben has countless hours in the gym and is passionate about helping his athletes achieve their goals.