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Guiding, motivating and empowering women through God’s truth to break the cycle of dieting,
choose health and live fit from the inside out

Fit Inside out 12 week fitness program
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Not ready for one on one coaching but still want to start your journey?  

The Fit Inside Out 12 week program is a perfect fit for you!!! I have taken all of the elements of my one on one coaching program and have adapted them to work for the busy woman who needs a simple directions and still get incredible results!  This is a self driven program but once you purchase and join the community to will be part of an amazing support system.  The program includes:

* 12 weeks of workout programs broken up into to 3/4 week blocks that progress as you do

* 12 weeks of nutrition guidelines that progress as you learn what your body needs to perform at its best

* Grocery Shopping list

* Sample menus and a menu worksheet

* Eating out guide

* Portion Control guide

* Memebership to the private Brick House Bodies facebook community where you will be motivated and inspired.  You will also get tips and guidance from myself and my BHB coaches on the page throughout your 12 week journey

* Access to our private YouTube channel where you will get movement videos and messages from me for every phase of the program


 Health program fitness and nutrition

Becoming Fit Inside Out 9 week program

Have you struggled with dieting in the past?
Do you struggle to get exercise in?
Are you looking for a community of women to support, motivate and hold you accountable to yourself and your goals?
Do you want to not on look good on the outside but feel good in your soul?
If you answered yes to these questions this program is for you!

When you purchase the program you will become part of a community of like minded women and be on your way to living the Fit Inside Out Lifestyle!!

The program includes:

  • Six week nutrition program: whole and superfood based nutrition plan that will help you gain energy, lose weight and get focused.
  • Strength workouts for the gym or home 
  • Cardio workouts that you can do at the gym, outside or at home
  • Tips on how to handle special occasions
  • Grocery List
  • Portion guide
  • You will be included in the Fit Inside Out community where I will be there to provide, motivation and support for you throughout the program


 Personal coaching from Tabitha Sierra

1 on 1 Health Coaching
3-6 Month programs

I started in the fitness industry as a Personal Training.  I love working with people one on one.  If you want more specific and personal attention than by group programs provide One on One coaching may be for you.

What it includes:

  • Personalized approach to your goals.  We discuss your why and wants and together we create a program that covers it all, inside and out and is made for you.
  • A nutrition plan that is sustainable and progresses as you do
  • Exercise program scaled for your ability and goals
  • Bi weekly check in via Skype
  • Tools and resources that guide you through the basics of   living a fit Inside Out life
  • a grocery store tour (for local clients) 

I understand that one size does not fit all in health and wellness. As a certified Health Coach I have knowledge in over 20 dietary theories and practices.  I can work with you to find the one that is best for you. 

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.  Phil 4:13

Along with the physical we will work on the inside and help you change the story you have been telling yourself about how you can't and show you that you can!

  • Honest discussions of your why
  • Work on your relationship with food and dieting and finally help to end the yo-yo cyle 

All clients of my one on one program will receive complimentary admission to my Fit Inside Out workshop ($250 value). Transportation and lodging not included.

You will be part of the Fit Inside Out private Facebook community, there you will be motivated and inspired by other women on the same journey.  I will also be there daily with live events and tips to support you.

For pricing and more information and to schedule your complimentary consultation contact me here:

Read what clients are saying about their experience!

"Working with Tabitha has given me strength and confidence that I never thought I had. She has given me the tools to stay focused on my health, nutrition, and fitness. She has inspired me to continue to maintain balance in my life- because although I ADORE my children and would give them anything they need, there HAS to be a balance. I have to take care of me so that I can more effectively take care of them. I am a better mother now than I was two years ago. I am modeling for my children the importance of eating truly healthy and balanced meals. I am showing them how and why the combination of exercise and nutrition are so important. Words cannot express the positivity, love and reassurance that this woman injects into everything she does. I will always have immense gratitude for this amazing, inspiring, passionate, encouraging, first coach and now friend in my life."

Sharnee K.


Tabitha Sierra and The Brickhouse body team are truly inspiring. 12 weeks ago, when I started Tabitha's macro program I was totally naïve to the fact that I was not fueling my body properly. In my eyes I was already in good physical shape, and although my body didn't look exactly the way I wanted it to, I was ok with the number on the scale. My exact words were "I never want to weigh a single thing that I put in my mouth." Even with that negative attitude Tabitha, who is not only my crossfit coach, and my nutrition coach, she's my friend, took me aside and encouraged me just to give it a shot. 12 weeks later I have lost 15lbs, several inches in my chest, waist, hips and thighs. gained inches in my biceps, and went from 17% body fat to 13% body fat. Most importantly my performance in the gym has sky rocketed. I am stronger and faster than I have ever been in the last 6 years of crossfit.

Tabitha and her team not only care about the results of your program, but they care about the wellbeing of their clients.

Melissa Morales, RN, BSN